Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Bundle up with a Footed blanket


A new product has been created by the makers of the New Native Baby Carrier. It’s the Footed Blanket and it’s made of organic cotton.


According to their site, the blankets have room to put your baby’s legs in so you can transfer into a stroller or car seat. You can also use it as an extra layer to use with their carrier. They also say it’s best for use with babies aged newborn to 6 months.

I tried it out while putting the baby in the car seat. That didn’t really work too well because I think the fabric was bunched everywhere and since the one I have is black, it was hard to find the car straps which are also in black.

PRO: It’s a good quality material and would work best layered with the carrier.

CON: Needs Velcro to make the whole thing stay together.

Footed Blanket
– Price: $52

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