Sunday, February 18th, 2018

About Me



So how did Mogul Baby come about? The name is an offshoot from my personal blog, Mrs. Mogul. I had this idea of doing a review blog two years ago but wanted to wait for the right time to start one. After having reviewed products on Mrs. Mogul as well as reviewing what famous celebrity parents and babies are getting and wearing for other parenting blogs, I knew this was the time.

I wanted to create to help people who are looking for that unique baby gift, something different from a new designer, the urban parent that wants to get the latest gear and the pop culture fan who also wants to own the same stuff as celebrities and their kids.

Having worked in the film and television industry in NYC, I now stay at home with my son, 4 1/2, and  2-year-old daughter. I am lucky to work from home on this site as well as other ones such as Babycenter, Babble, and currently at Celebrity Baby Scoop.

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Email: lisa (at) mogulbaby (dot) com

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